Valmont SM A/S

Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of industries, including wind energy, offshore oil and gas, transmission towers and material handling systems.

Unique know-how and competencies accumulated over decades make Valmont SM the preferred choice for manufacturing heavy complex steel structures.

Valmont SM’s business is based on our ability to co-engineer and design solutions with customers, carry out advanced order production of complex steel constructions with electronics and hydraulics and having highly automated series production for more mature products.


Operations are based on a dual production strategy with both series and order production. Production is organized in specialized workshops. In addition to our own production facilities, the use of sub-suppliers makes capacity of order production very flexible.

The core of Valmont SM is highly skilled employees with extensive know-how. Working continuously on different projects, the Company strengthens and improves this internal know-how.

Valmont SM has a flat organization structure, creating a company culture with decentralized and fast decision processes.

Valmont SM focuses on securing the greatest possible ownership of projects for each individual employee. Sales and project management is handled by the experienced staff of engineers and technicians, as well as production and assembly takes place in independent teams.