Custom co-engineering

Valmont SM has longstanding relationships with large global customers, where we are using our know-how and capabilities in manufacturing steel constructions in the most optimal way. Our customers depend on Valmont SM to provide input on how best to manufacture structures. Valmont SM is therefore the chosen partner when customers need to develop new, heavy, complex steel structures and run pilot projects.

The broad experience that Valmont SM has accumulated through years of manufacturing different types of structures for various industries gives us the strong competencies and capabilities to take a product from conception to ultimate series production for our customers.

Being a preferred partner for new steel structures and pilot projects, gives Valmont SM a significant competitive advantage as it gets in-depth knowledge of the product before production starts on a larger scale.

Bridging engineering and manufacturing:


All Valmont’s products have a degree of co-engineering between the customer’s engineers and Valmont SM.

The success in direct-drive generator rotor houses is based on a long process of co-engineering with the customer to find the optimal production design before putting the product into production.

For wind turbine towers, co-engineering is increasing in importance as the growing size of towers is creating new requirements for the production. Designing larger wind turbine towers requires solid understanding of the production facility, as designs applied for smaller towers cannot be scaled up without taking into account production facilities and logistics.

The oil & gas industry is characterized by a high level of customized solutions which require that steel construction manufacturers provide input to the optimal design from a production perspective.

In transmission towers, new designs proposed by architects are gaining in popularity. The architects depend on Valmont SM to take them from the drawing board to final product..

In material handling systems and service for power plants, Valmont SM has own engineering competencies that allow for own design, engineering and manufacturing of systems.