Coatings - Automated Robotics

Featuring state of the art automated robotics, the Valmont SM coating facility at Vaerksvej is designed and fully dedicated to sandblasting, metallization and coating of wind turbine towers with a diameter of up to 6,5 meters.


The entire process from sandblasting to hardening is carried out in one indoor facility with separate areas split by walls and sliding doors. Being located in one facility ensures optimal production with limited energy consumption as the steel can keep the same temperature throughout the process, which is essential for coating.

• The Valmont SM fully-automated sandblasting set-up can complete the process on time to eliminate the risk of corrosion.

• Fully automated metallization ensures even layer thickness.

• Robot automated coating is more efficient and more uniform than manual coating.

The facility can handle specifications for surface treatment subject to the latest requirements and norms within industrial painting, onshore as well as offshore.