Process Equipment

Valmont SM has a decade of experience in manufacturing pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Our clients are typically within the offshore industry, oil and gas industry, refineries, power plants and the sugar industry.

Valmont SM designs, manufactures, pressure tests, surface treats and erects pressure equipment developed in close co-operation with the customers - pressure vessels, heat exchangers, top of columns, storage tanks and to some extent also piping.

The pressure equipment is typically designed and manufactured in accordance to EN 13445, ASME VIII or PD5500 together with client specifications and delivered to clients on the European market where PED 97/23/EC is valid.

These products are manufactured from a wide range of materials, complying with the quality requirements of the customer. The pressure equipment is most often manufactured in carbon steel, but we also manufacture pressure equipment in stainless steel and cladded-steel, e.g., carbon steel cladded with Inconel 625 or Monel 400.

The process equipment’s are manufactured in Valmont SM’s steel workshop. Valmont SM has highly skilled employees and manufacturing competencies.