Transmission Towers

The design of transmission towers has in recent years changed from lattice structure pylons to pylons with a tubular structure. The design change is driven by the aim to reduce the visual impact of the pylons and enable a location close to populated areas. The new design has already been adopted in Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK.

Valmont SM occupies a strong market position in manufacturing the tubular design as it combines our long history of working for utilities with our highly advanced production set-up for manufacturing of tubular towers. Valmont SM has currently delivered a 160 km overhead transmission line in Denmark which applies a tubular design of the pylons.

Valmont SM has also been involved in the development and manufacture of various types of test pylons for National Grid.

Monopiles and concrete plate foundations

Monopiles have largely been used as foundations for the newest overhead transmission lines in Denmark. Valmont SM can supply monopiles in adequate and suitable lengths. Moreover, Valmont SM manufactures transition pieces for monopiles and concrete plate foundations.

Our production facility can manufacture tubular structures up to a length of 40 m, with diameters of up to 6,5 m. The weight may be up to 200 tons. The facility can roll plates with widths of up to 3 m and thicknesses of 90 mm.

Valmont SM’s several semi-automatic welding stations provide efficiency and a high level of production, combined with top-quality welds. Valmont SM is certified acc. to ISO 9001:2008 and DIN 18800-7.

Valmont SM has state of the art production facilities for manufacturing and surface treatment of tubular sections. The surface treatment facility is fully automated for shot blasting, metallization and coating.

Long term cooperation with leading suppliers of galvanizing enables Valmont SM to deliver large galvanized structures. Valmont SM has built up a network of highly qualified and competent sub-contractors, enabling us to take part in projects that involve a large number of items.